Defective Thong

Have you heard this ridiculous news about some bint claiming damages against Victoria’s Secrets because apparently she’s been injured by one of their bras.  Anyway, if you care to read more about it you can do so a Fox News.


Car Decals = Road Rage

I was just reading this news article about car decals and road rage and found it very interesting.  Apparently having any sort of car sticker means that you are more likely to display road rage.  It’s got something to do with people marking their territory and of course a car is a very small bit of territory which people want to guard at all costs.  However some people take things that bit further.

I find it amazing that anyone would actually go to the bother of researching this.  I certainly wouldn’t have ever thought.  Although I bet there are car insurance companies now who will ask whether you have any car decals or not.  If you do then they’re probably going to increase your insurance premium by about 15% because that’s the amount of road rage will be increased.

Broken Bones in Go Kart Accident

Last week I broke my arm in a go kart accident, have no idea how it happened but sometimes these things just do.  My girl friend’s been fussing over me like a little baby and doesn’t want me to go karting again.  Jeez, she must be nuts!

James May Vid on Top Gear

I came across this vid on Some Funny Things in Life and thought it was so funny that I decided to post it here. I just love this sort of humor!

Go Kart Dominates Ferrari in Race

Who said go karts were crap?  Just watch this vid and you’ll have a different opinion.

YZF R1 Go Kart

I’ve seen some pretty cool things in my life but this is probably the coolest!  You really have to watch this vid.

Turbo Kart at 100mph

is this vid for real?  Not sure if a go kart can go so fast as this.  it’s either been sped up or these guys are pretty cool.